Monday, July 29, 2013

W2D2: Short, but sweet

Where: Concordia University Outdoor Track
Distance: 1.17 miles
Duration: 17:07
Average pace: 14:39

Today's run was short, but it was a good intro run for the rest of the week, which will be more intense. I made sure to only use RunKeeper for the main part of the workout, and fortunately, the 10K Runner app didn't quit on me at all this time. Yay!

This workout consisted of:

1.5R + 2W (4 times)
1 R + 1W (2 times)

The longer runs went by very quickly, and I think that I could've gone even longer if my shins hadn't start to hurt a little towards the end. I admit that I don't always do the proper stretches after I finish running, so that's something for me to work on as well.

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