Thursday, July 18, 2013

W1D2: The Heat!

Where: Lakefront trail, going north from Promontory Point
When: 8:30 AM

The lesson I learned from today's run was to get out there as early as possible to avoid the heat. I slept in a little bit longer than I had expected, so by the time I got out, the heat was beaming down on me in full force. It was about 91 degrees when I was running an hour ago, but it would have probably been about 10 degrees cooler if I had started earlier in the morning.

From where I started at 55th Street, the trail was covered with the shade of trees, so I could see the sun without really having to feel it. However, that soon led into this one long stretch where there were no trees at all covering the path, so for that section, I really had to focus on just doing the work without letting the hot weather distract me. Having good music helped a lot, since it really made the time go by more quickly than I thought it would.

Even with the heat, I had a decent workout. The pain in my right knee seems to be going away, as is the pain in my back. Tomorrow will probably be a rest day for me, so I'll need to make sure to get plenty of sleep so that I can get up early on Saturday and beat the heat.

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